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Kota Gede in Yogyakarta is a very important place and is suspended as remains of a complex called Kraton housing in the palace of King and other important buildings. However, it was the end of the 1500s, that Kota Gede, a place of the palace.

Kota Gede is famous for the many legends and myths engulfing prices. There are many important stories in terms of Kota Gede and all these legends have contributed largely to the popularity of the place. The location is currently still a Royal graveyard and there are few remains of the wall in place for all tourists, preserved to come and see.

What is Kota Gede now?

Kota Gede actually inside the suburb of the city of Yogyakarta. The workers were given for advertising during the two Indonesian independence in 1940, and also in subsequent years. In Kota Gede actually Royal boy and the place is noted for the many grave dug within the inner depths of the grave.

In Kota Gede be considered a grave physical manifestation of "silsilah" or records of offspring or generations that follow. In Kota Gede supported by showing Kunci who is employed by the two palaces in Yogyakarta and Surakarta. The place is a cemetery of Mataram kings who were very popular during their time. It is attracting city called Penembahan Senopati and the amazing tomb of Ki Ageng Mangir. The bodies were buried in the graveyard and there is old, called "Watu Gilang".

Particularites regarding Kota Gede:

All those wishing to visit the cemetery or graveyard can only come here dressed in traditional clothing. All are advised to adhere to the dress code. Kota Gede has some strict rules to be followed as far as discipline and decorum are affected. In the cemetery is open on Mondays from 10 and closes at 12am sharp, while for other days as Friday of the cemetery is open from 1.30pm and again closes at 4pm sharpness. In Kota Gede cemetery also has pods on the premises where the turtles. This turtle is considered by many to miraculous by some supernatural powers.

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