Saturday, June 21, 2008


malioboro yogyakarta yogyakartatown pasar beringharjo batik mirota dagadu shoppingMalioboro is well known for walking and shopping very popular among Indonesian and international tourists. Spread the station Tugu Sultan in place, Malioboro is 2 km long and home to hundreds of shops and street stalls offering different types of handicrafts. Several places Malioboro are as follows:

  • Pasar Beringharjo (Beringharjo market), Jalan Pabringan 1, Yogyakarta 55122 (north of Fort Vredeburg), +62 274 515871, 561510. Literally means inclined land, Beringaharjo is the biggest traditional market in Yogyakarta. Vendors sell many types of goods, ranging from basic household items (vegetables, fruits, meat) to many types of handicrafts. Haggle furiously.
  • Mirota Batik (opp Beringharjo Pasar), Jalan Ahmad Yani 9, Yogyakarta 55122, +62 274 588524, 518127, 547016. The large family-owned store offers many crafts, not only in Yogyakarta, but all part of Indonesia.
  • Dagadu (ground floor below Malioboro Mall). Offers contemporary funny t-shirts and souvenirs that revolves around Yogyakarta culture.
If you move a foot is not your thing, you can surf on the pedal power called trishaw becak, or horsecart Andong.

Warning: If Yogyakarta is safer than Jakarta, it is not free of Pickpockets. Most of the time, Malioboro sidewalk is crowded, take standard precautions to protect your property.

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