Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Prambanan Temple

This magnificent Hindu temple derives its name from the village, where a small, Seventeen kilometers east of Yogyakarta. Locally known as Loro Jongrang Temple, or temple in the slender Virgin, which is the most magnificent and beautiful Hindu temple in Indonesia. Prambanan is believed to have been built by King Balitung Maha Sambu in the mid-ninth century. His parapets are decorated with relief depicting the Ramayana-famous story. Has eight sanctuaries, three main ones are dedicated to Shiva, Visnhu and brahma. The main temple of Shiva rises to a height of 130 feet and houses in a magnificent statue of Shiva is the husband, Durga. The Ramayana ballet performed in the open stage during the time the full moon in the months from May to October.

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