Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nine villages to highlight Yogyakarta art festival 2008

The 20th Yogyakarta Arts Festival 2008 will be held July 6 - August 3."Nine kampongs (villages) will take part in the so-called `babad kampung` (chronicle of village) program," spokesperson of the festival Rinda Maria said on Thursday.She added the nine kampongs are Tukangan, Kricak Kidul, Pandean, Samirono, Mergangsan Kidul, Suryowijayan, Minggiran, Dolahan and Pajeksan.She said the festival would make kampongs as the focus of the festival as it has always been identical with a dirty and old fashioned object.Such condition could be changed with the reposition of the kampongs as productive and creative part of the city.In the program, she added, the art performance could function as a media in the form of contemporary and traditional arts."The most important thing is how a kampong`s society understand the meaning of its past and how they think of their identities," she added.Besides performing the historical story of the villages, she added, the program would organize a documentary exhibition in the villages. (*)

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